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-Alan Rickman at the London _Deathly Hallows_ Part 2_ Premiere.

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Alan Rickman  Private Lives 2002

-Interview Sweeney Todd


I was seeing a lot of Alan Rickman showing up on my dash so I thought I’d share some photos of when I met him in 2012 after “Seminar” in NYC. He was excellent in the show, which was a dark comedy. When he came out after the show, he was gracious and kind, even apologizing for making us wait so long. He seemed a little surprised that there were so many waiting to meet him. And he was grateful when I told him that I had liked him long before Harry Potter and when I thanked him for enriching my life with his work.

These photos are mine and should be credited to anglophile68. You can reblog as you wish, but if you pull them out to create new postings, please credit me appropriately.

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-Alan Rickman discusses about Gambit

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